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Recently Closed

Centuries & Sleuths, Forest Park, IL
Prospero's Books, Manassas, VA
Little House of Books, Claysville, PA
Collective Books & Records, Rochester, MN
Em Dash Books, Buda, TX
Main Street Book Mine, St Helena, CA
Hole In The Wall Books, Falls Church, VA
Bookshop Under the Stairs, Port Orchard, WA
The Groovy Squirrel, Walhalla, SC

Just Added

Wild Plum Books, St Helena, CA
Womb House Books, Oakland, CA
Chapter II Books, Sierra Vista, AZ
Undercover Books, Chicago, IL
Trailhead Books, Raytown, MO
MyBiblioteka, Brooklyn, NY
The Pleasant Pheasant Bookstore, Woodland, CA
Read My Lips, Marquette, MI
River Arts & Books, Roscoe, MT
Sinclair Inlet Book Co., Port Orchard, WA
Road Less Traveled Books, Farmington, MI
Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery, Chicago, IL
Hares & Hatters Bookshop, Pocatello, ID
Green Heron Bookshop, San Marcos, TX
Storyline Bookshop, Upper Arlington, OH
The Spine Bookshop, Smyrna, TN
Binding Agents, Philadelphia, PA

Featured Content

Ever wonder where to find the Center of the Universe, how many names your cat should have or what happened to your dearly departed Aunt's collection of Modern Firsts?  The answers to these questions and more in this week's featured original article, The Power of a Name.

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Featuring bookstores that stand out for their uniqueness, appeal and innovative offerings

Trivial Matters

Bookstore and bookish trivia, facts and miscellany that will entertain and amaze

First Edition Club Tracker

Check out iheartbookstores' First Edition Club Tracker to see how each club's picks stack up

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